Learning Disability for MSK Professionals – Exeter


Date: 5th November 2022

Venue: Exeter Physio, Heavitree Exeter. 

Tutor: Alistair Beverley

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The course will cover;

  1. Communication – overcoming barriers
  2.  Practicalities of applying the equalities act
  3. Clinical implications of the most prevalent conditions which predispose someone to a learning disability.

These topics will be followed by a final session covering examples of clinical cases along with integrated Q&A, bringing all this knowledge together into the reality of daily practice.

People with learning disabilities make up a substantial proportion of the population. There may be simple steps you can take to make your department or practice more accessible and visible to this community. Alistair will also share his brand new clinic accreditation pathway, this can be invaluable guide to achieving more accessible and effective services for people with learning disabilities.